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Evens Construction is an organization undertaking construction of Villas, Apartments and Commercial complexes in Kerala.. Our group of professionals have been providing home building services to customers for over 10 years.

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Evens Construction is committed to providing you with the best possible service in the building consultancy profession. Its every one dream to build the house with their budget
Embracing quality and design we strive to create built forms and interior environments that respond to the specific requirements of each individual project and the needs of our clients.
Evens Construction are expertise and having good experience in Interiors Designing, Home Interior, Decorators Interiors. No good-looking house is complete without stylish interior

Welcome to Evens Construction Pvt Ltd

Our focus has been to provide the finest and most comprehensive residential and commercial construction services in Kerala. Our group has been engaged in designing of modern houses and apartments, repair and renovation contracts, build plans and building estimation.

We have been successful in providing services like interior design and decoration, landscaping etc for villas and bungalow. The company respire and endeavors to meet client’s requirement to the maximum. Our expertise team works with the real estate owners to custom design plans for any construction project.

In Traditional Kerala Architecture, floors have always been areas for experiments.

Evens construction has developed vibrant and unique house plans across Kerala & India. Some of our recent projects are at your view.

Even after you found the right design for your home.

Nikhil Unnikrishnan

Nikhil Unnikrishnan

Location : Edathirinji, Thrissur
Project Type : Construction
Sq.Ft : 1612
Description : Single Story Villa deisign with 2 bedroom

Chinnu Ashokan

Chinnu Ashokan

Location : Puthiyakavu, Thrissur
ProjectType : Construction
Sq.Ft : 2680
Description : Double story contemporary Style villa with 3 bedroom and home teator, etc
Mr. Naveen

Mr. Naveen

Location : Velayanad, Thrissur
Project Type : Construction
Sq.Ft : 2819
Description : Double story villa modern design.

Rajendrakumar & Ramesh

Rajendrakumar & Ramesh

Location : Guruvayur
Project Type : Construction
Sq.Ft : 4400
Description : Two story traditional and modern Mix Elevation

Why choose us?

Our projects win awards, we are published in the world known magazines and websites.
We are invited to participate in exhibitions and competitions.

The flooring of a room sets the very ‘mood’ of a room with wide varieties
Sanitary & Plumbing
Granite- Favorite for Kitchen counters & Charupadi
Giving your rooms good design is not merely about the way things look
Wire & Switches
A wide variety of electrical wiring devices which are made of diverse materials
The Walls are the most important part of any structure
Landscaping is an art, an integral part of the aesthetic appeal of a house
The furniture of a room adds a new dimension to the look
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What Our Clients Say?

We look to our differences to bring a richness of perspective.

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project.

Projects completed on time and on budget with a high level of customer satisfaction.
Working Hours with enthusiasm and passion to deliver outstanding service.
Happy Clients from all around the world received extremely creative designs.

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